Revolutionary concept that turns hands and fingers into a virtual remote control

ClapSens Makes the Concept of Virtual Control a Reality

ClapSens develops an intuitive interface to control all your devices with only two hand claps or finger snaps. Clap once to be located, and clap again in the direction of the device to control.

Depending on the system configuration, this may switch on home lights, close the stores, or trigger the intercom…

No need to find a remote, tablet or phone.

Our proprietary technology solves limitations that made previous clap recognition systems impractical and not user friendly – finally making the science fiction of virtual control a reality… Think ‘Minority Report’

Use hand claps or finger snaps to virtually control electronic and electrical devices

Manage several electronic or electrical devices with only two hand claps or finger snaps

Proprietary algorithms prevent orders being triggered by similar noises or ambient sounds

System allows user to control devices in another room or anywhere in the world – locally and remotely

Wide range of possible applications can be developed and facilitated with this new type of virtual interface

Efficient energy usage due to simplified control and programmable automatic switch off options

A new type of user interface which is swift, intuitive, natural and pervasive

Concept practical implementation

Based on 3 sensors, our first consumer product can control devices either directly or through connected devices.

This basic example illustrates how to control home lights plugged into wireless outlets:

  • Two finger snaps materializing the rear direction lead to switch on/off all lights
  • The right, front and left directions control specific lights
  • All lights are automatically switched off after some inactivity delay
  • Smart application provides advanced control over devices and user preferences

A virtual interface to communicate with and control devices locally and remotely

This concept arises as a disruptive interface when considering the potential combination of information such as users and claps precise positions, directions and distances calculated from multiple claps.

Virtual points in a room can be utilized to define devices or group of devices such as stores in another rooms or a surveillance camera in other country.

Commands can be sent either directly or through connected devices, using several wireless technologies.

Concept & development

From Concept to Prototype

The original idea arose almost ten years ago, as we noticed that some of our relatives were struggling to control home lights or to find remote controls.

The concept implementation has required a significant volume of research and the development on tens of thousands of line codes.

Patents have been filed starting 2012, followed by a proof of concept in 2015.

We are opening our technology to partners to make this interface as universal as possible.

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This is an amazing technology... being able to control devices without the need for an other device like a remote or phone is truly a step into the future - it feels like something from a sci-fi movie

Matthew Bird, Prototype Tester